Thursday, May 20, 2010

fun-filled engagement ceremony

I would like to share the photos and story of the traditional ceremony of my engagement last week. The tradition of engagement here in Hunza culture is a full family event. Actually, most of the marriages in our culture are within the families--and arranged. Love ones like mine special are very rare.

Anyways, in our culture, first the parents of the man formally propose the woman from her parents(ori:n domaras in burushaski). If the parents accept the proposal then there is a formal engagement ceremony. The man buys an engagement ring, a necklace, three pair of shoes, clothes, and gifts for his fiancee and gifts for the closest family members of her. The parents of man with few family member visit the woman family with these gifts and eatable items like borum hanik(bread and butter) and dirum shoro(traditional sweets). The family of the woman welcome the guests and serve them scrumptious feast. After that, the woman is called to join the family of the man. She sits with her mother in law and takes three morsels of the traditional bread and butter and sweets. Then, the mother-in-law gives her the engagement ring and everyone congratulate the women. Then the family members offer other gifts to the lady. Once the gifts session is done-she is formally engaged with the man. Everyone congratulate the woman and her family members.

It is a complete family thing. Once its over, the family member of the man return where the man is waiting for them impatiently with joy and happiness. The traditional food and sweets which are touched by his fiancée is offered to him by his parents with prayers. He eats three morsels and everyone congratulate the man for his engagement. Thats all.

This story of this traditional ceremenony is pictorially presented to friends and colleagues. Please pray for me and zahra....piar


  1. Dear Piar,

    may you and Zahra live long and happy together... congratulations for your engagement - a very important step in people' life.

    And thank you for sharing this with us. The custom is very interesting and unique, at least for me.

    A toast for you both!

    Warm wishes,

  2. Diar PIAR,


    The custom is really interesting! And of course it is absolutely different than the ceremony in my country. Engagement is also a family thing, but both family with man and girl gether together.
    In some Ukrainian villages during the wedding ceremony members of both families present each other clothes or other gifts. It is only similar thing between our countries.

    So , best wishes!!!
    Long and happy life for you and Zahra!


  3. Dear Piar
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing wonderful pics. Your engagement ceremony is similar to our culture.

    Wishing your happy conjugal life..

  4. Dear Piar...whose name means love

    May you and Zahra be blessed with all the love, joy and prosperity that is in abundance in the universe. Now you can look forward to the wedding which I know from experience of twenty-seven years is the threshold to a new stage of one's life.

    I can fully understand why Interactive PowerPoint or any other topic rooted in reality does not feature at all :-); reflecting on the engagement belongs in a world of dreams and warms the heart.

    Live blessed!


  5. Dear Piar,

    Thanks for sharing your engagement pictures. May Allah always bless your bond and help you grow together and be good parents.



  6. Hi partner (if you may accept),
    And I was wondering where did you disappear? Now I know!
    CONGRAT's on your engagement! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us. Do you believe it's the same procedures we go though in Sudan? It stops right before taking the "three morsels of the traditional bread and butter and sweets". How great to know we have similar processes for engagement!!
    Allah bless and Unite with you very soon.
    Looking forward to being your partner (time is running :-)

  7. Dear Piar,
    I am very happy to know you got engaged see ceremony pictures. May God make your life with Zahra full of joy, happiness and success. Congratulations!

  8. Dear colleagues,

    Thanks for your best wishes and prayers. I need them. It is a beautiful feeling to think of life with someone special. This has started giving me meaning and life looks larger than before.

    Thanks again.


  9. laayy ju nu sadar. mubarak la. boot boot gor mubarak manish.

    lay looking young yar...