Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 5- PBL, WebQuest

What a week! Project Based Learning, WebQuest, Internet treasure hunt.

I started the week with the article less teaching and more learning. The story of this teacher explains this paradigm shift from traditional teaching to trying something different. The project discussed were good references for me to compare with the project I tried with my ESL students. I will be careful next time about the critical elements like the project must be geared to the population, the student must see value in the project, and flexible timeliness.

With project, I always lost track. The tool WebQuest came up so well in time to rescue me. WebQuest is such an amazing tool to keep the track of the the essential elements of the PBL and its crucial steps. All these tools for which I cried during my teaching-now I am away for my teaching. What a pity?

I read my colleagues blog and learnt so many new things. Nadina uploaded her teaching video which I felt observed sitting at the back bench. This is the best way to improve ones teaching. I read Susan's reflection which was so helpful to remind what we did this week. And I read prem blog and commented.

This week has been full of learning--throughly enjoyed

Thanks to Deborah and her team for setting up something like this for us.


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  1. Dear Piar,

    thanks for promoting my video on your blog too. I didn't get too much feedback about it, I'd have liked to know what my colleagues had liked about it, and more important, what they hadn't liked. That's it.

    I am glad you managed to see it, finally. And thanks for the good words. Reading your comments, I felt my work is good, I am on the good way.

    All the best,