Thursday, May 20, 2010

fun-filled engagement ceremony

I would like to share the photos and story of the traditional ceremony of my engagement last week. The tradition of engagement here in Hunza culture is a full family event. Actually, most of the marriages in our culture are within the families--and arranged. Love ones like mine special are very rare.

Anyways, in our culture, first the parents of the man formally propose the woman from her parents(ori:n domaras in burushaski). If the parents accept the proposal then there is a formal engagement ceremony. The man buys an engagement ring, a necklace, three pair of shoes, clothes, and gifts for his fiancee and gifts for the closest family members of her. The parents of man with few family member visit the woman family with these gifts and eatable items like borum hanik(bread and butter) and dirum shoro(traditional sweets). The family of the woman welcome the guests and serve them scrumptious feast. After that, the woman is called to join the family of the man. She sits with her mother in law and takes three morsels of the traditional bread and butter and sweets. Then, the mother-in-law gives her the engagement ring and everyone congratulate the women. Then the family members offer other gifts to the lady. Once the gifts session is done-she is formally engaged with the man. Everyone congratulate the woman and her family members.

It is a complete family thing. Once its over, the family member of the man return where the man is waiting for them impatiently with joy and happiness. The traditional food and sweets which are touched by his fiancée is offered to him by his parents with prayers. He eats three morsels and everyone congratulate the man for his engagement. Thats all.

This story of this traditional ceremenony is pictorially presented to friends and colleagues. Please pray for me and zahra....piar

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 5- PBL, WebQuest

What a week! Project Based Learning, WebQuest, Internet treasure hunt.

I started the week with the article less teaching and more learning. The story of this teacher explains this paradigm shift from traditional teaching to trying something different. The project discussed were good references for me to compare with the project I tried with my ESL students. I will be careful next time about the critical elements like the project must be geared to the population, the student must see value in the project, and flexible timeliness.

With project, I always lost track. The tool WebQuest came up so well in time to rescue me. WebQuest is such an amazing tool to keep the track of the the essential elements of the PBL and its crucial steps. All these tools for which I cried during my teaching-now I am away for my teaching. What a pity?

I read my colleagues blog and learnt so many new things. Nadina uploaded her teaching video which I felt observed sitting at the back bench. This is the best way to improve ones teaching. I read Susan's reflection which was so helpful to remind what we did this week. And I read prem blog and commented.

This week has been full of learning--throughly enjoyed

Thanks to Deborah and her team for setting up something like this for us.


Friday, May 7, 2010

My webquest


It took me long to publish my webquest for teaching how to make a poster on powerpoint for the university students. This is a useful tool for online teaching. It is interactive and once the session is complete we can upload the success of the project through videos/pictures. This would motivate the students to invlove in the project so they could share it with their friends and family member. I really needed something like that for the projects I give to class for different lesson. I always had issues with filing and documenting-this is fun.

Thanks to the course--useful interactive tool

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poster Presentation

Here are few pictures of the students posters which they made in the computer resource center using internet and computer.

Week 4--Tough

End of week 4--rather middle of week 5. I could not post my reflection on time. I have been late for almost everything this week-discussion, project, and reflection. I had to travel long distance from home town to city for taking test. And the net service was dead for few days in my home town. I could hardly participated in a discussion on curriculum and learnt about curriculum and its limitations in different countries. I adapted a technology integrated lesson on vocabulary for describing pain for my nursing students which I posted. I read an article which helped me the systematic way to integrate internet in teaching different skills. I book marked so many useful websites on my delicious page.

This course has been a real eye opener for using tech and internet effectively in the teaching profession. I wish I had been teaching during this course. I am away from teaching site because of a research project which I miss every time.

Anyways, I have outline a course like this for the teachers in the region where I have come to carry out my research. Once, the course starts with the teachers then there will be so many things which I could integrate in the practice.