Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogging-website for teachers part 2

Blogging...Wonderful. I can blog. It is amazing. It is an art like teaching. I thought it would the job of someone who has technical expertise in web designing or computers; but it needs basic computer skills with an aesthetic sense thats all. I have enjoyed everything from this experience so far. I love technology because it works when you try it.

I read the introduction of so many participants on this course from different nationalities with diverse English language teaching experience. I am participating in an online course for the first time but I am enjoying everything in this space. I never learnt so many new things in a short time from a regular academic course at campus. I liked the golden rules for discussion which maintains the decorum for interaction. I also like the rubrics for the discussion developed. The concept of rubrics and the material share is a valuable resource for creating rubrics. The sites with ready-made rubrics for subjective assignments looked blessing for me as a teacher.

I like reading comments on various discussion themes and responses. I looked at the creative blogs developed by the class fellows in the course and learnt so many things. I feel the human aspect in this learning because we are talking to real people from different countries.

I work as an Instructor with the Center of English Language at the Aga Khan University. I teach nursing students who need to improve their academic writing and reading skill from basic to advance level. This language support helps them to cope with the studies and job in their profession. I have learnt English as a foreign language by trying different things. I am still learning English from array of resources. We learn by taking charge of our own learning.

I think technology helps language teachers a lot because it gives space for taking control of teaching and learning. I believe technology gives life to language teaching and learning. It makes us more responsible because we interact with real people not with Jenny, John, Amy from Channel Your English in the classroom.

I look forward to learn authentic things in an authentic context which has a purpose.

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  1. Hello, Piar

    Like you, I also feel I am learning, practicing and experiences new things in this field - technology. I agree with you on the idea that we learn so many new and interesting things in a short period of time.

    What I like very much about this course, is that we keep in touch: I am very delighted to see what other people, like me, but from different parts of the world, write and think to find similarities and differences, to accept the differences. I am also very delighted to read the comments I get to my posts on the blog.

    You are right when you say that technology can help us a lot. It is a challenge for us, to learn, to share what we know, but most of all, to involve and motivate our students.

    I wish you good luck with your blog and activity!