Friday, April 23, 2010

Summary of the Article "Best Practices in Technology and Language Teaching" by Dennie Hoopingarner and Personal Experiences

The learnings and personal experiences from the article have been summarized in this writing. The journey of the technology in education from the central argument of Clark on instruction rather medium of instruction to the pervasive use of technology in every day life today has greatly influenced our thoughts and processes in teaching and learning. This is no more any questions to debate whether we should use it or not but the real question is how we should find the best possible means and ways to use it effectively in the processes of learning. As Skinner divides the labor of this complex process on machines and humans equally. My experience of language teaching has failed me to handle it single-handily so far. The use of computer through activities in my view can support teaching language to greater extent. Chapelle (1998) support my view by showing how computers assist in making input comprehensible by enhancing it through different modes. Internet facilitates top-down and bottom up strategies for improving listening skills by exposing the learner to authentic material.

The idea of text chat activities for developing speaking skills is possible thought Internet and computer. The integration of technology helps the learner to record his or her own voice and reflect on the speech patterns which can be repeated and improved. I have experienced this recently while preparing myself for TOEFL test as a foreign language learner. The technology helps to improve students' pronunciation with easily handled with talking dictionaries dictionaries.

I agree with the article that Internet is so rich with interactive reading material with interesting activities. I use software in teaching which has got progressive reading development material and it has helped students better than ever before. The technology has made it possible for the language learners to find real audience to write for through blogs, emails, posts, text messages and so forth. This opportunity was impossible a decade ago for language learners. Now, these mediums can be integrated in teaching writing skills with a little effort.

The two themes language as communication and constructivism is well supported if the technology is carefully and efficiently integrated in language teaching and learning.


  1. Hello Piar,

    I totally agree with the idea that technology offers us great help. The only problem is that teachers should know how to use it in a efficient way, actually understand the advantages technology brings into our classes. The internet is so rich in resources... we only must know how to use them and choose the best ones to fit our students needs. Otherwise, our aims are never reached. Unfortunately, some teachers (or most teachers) are not open-minded towards technology. They consider their teaching methods are the best. As long as we can't change this mentality, it's quite hard to implement technology in teaching.

    I know that one garland doesn't make spring, but I am optimistic and I know technology in our classes will be soon a dream come true.


  2. Dear Nadina,

    Thanks for comenting on my point and your suggestions. I took my TOEFL and GRE this week. It had been a pretty hectic again. I had to come down to the city for taking test. I could n't give enough time to the course this week.

    Keep the wonderful work going.